Environmental Detox Program

One of the possible contributions to neurological cellular damage is environmental chemicals and toxins. Environmental chemicals and toxins can get into the body and cause cellular damage. With specialty testing, you can get information on what environmental toxins are in your body. With this information, we can help you to find the source of these chemicals and also help you to remove them from your system. Our Holistic Detox Track guides you with regular appointments to detoxify the body in a safe and effective manner. With our support, you can improve cellular health, the neurological system, and Parkinson’s disease.

Detoxification Therapies

Colon Irrigation

Colon irrigation is a safe and gentle procedure that detoxifies the major organs of elimination, including the colon and liver. It restores healthy bowel function and can be a powerful tool when there is a build-up of toxins and chemicals in the system. There are some medical theories that Parkinson’s disease first begins in the digestive tract. An alarming amount of Parkinson’s patients experience chronic constipation as one of the first symptoms. This makes healing the gut a large priority in Parkinson’s disease treatment. Colon irrigation is not a new procedure. Although much more sophisticated and safe now, there has been documentation of some form of colon irrigation over the past 100 years. The treatment itself is smooth and simple. It is performed by a trained nurse or doctor. A small speculum is inserted into the rectum while the patient is lying down, covered by a gown. Then purified water enters through the colon and pressure is regulated by the practitioner. As the water is mixed with the content of the colon, there are releases in which the waste material leaves the body through a waste hose.

Our Parkinson’s clinic colon irrigation systems are state-of-the-art to ensure the safest and most reliable treatment. With individual restrooms and exceptionally trained staff, you are guaranteed a professional and safe environment.

Holistic Detox Track

Fango Clay

There is a lot of research suggesting that Parkinson’s disease can be attributed to neurological toxicity. Detoxification can help alleviate the toxic burden on the body allowing the body to allocate its resources to healing. Fango clay is a localized heat treatment that uses a medicinal wax mixture placed on areas of high lymphatic flow to stimulate circulation and sweating from those areas. During the treatment, the patient lays on a table while a practitioner places pieces of the fango clay onto areas of lymph and detox organs. Then the patient is wrapped in a blanket and lays for approx 45 minutes. The patient will feel deep relaxation while the blood circulation is increased and the body sweats releasing toxins.


Infrared Sauna Therapy

Far Infrared Sauna has been shown to penetrate deep into tissue to mobilize toxins and eliminate them through sweat. With varying temperatures and times, any individual can remain comfortable throughout the treatment while still receiving the detox benefits.

Foot Bath-Lymphatic Cleansing

The German Footbath is a therapy that cleanses the lymphatic system of toxins. Detoxification through the feet of is a general treatment that enhances recovery of many chronic diseases and can lift some of the burden toxins have on the body.

Patients will place their feet into a device filled with water and a blend of imported herbs and minerals. When it is turned on, the machine then pulls toxins from the pores of the feet. The patient can feel a slight burning sensation due to the toxins releasing through the skin. The temperature of the water will remain the same throughout the treatment to ensure that the water is not burning the feet.