Amino Acid Protocol for Parkinson's

Amino Acid Track (AKA Hinz Protocol)

The Amino Acid Protocol, also known as the Hinz protocol, uses a natural form of L-dopa which can drastically improve Parkinson’s symptoms and balances blood levels of amino acids with other neurotransmitters. Giving too much L-Dopa, whether it’s with pharmaceutical drugs like Sinemet or even a natural form will cause an imbalance of neurotransmitters and can cause symptoms like nausea and depression. You must carefully balance neurotransmitters with other amino acids like 5-HTP. You should not attempt this protocol on your own without medical supervision. It is a very specific process that requires skilled professional help and is available at our Parkinson’s center.

Amino Acid Protocol

The Amino Acid Protocol is a natural treatment for Parkinson’s disease that, for multiple reasons, can have a significantly positive impact for Parkinson’s patients. Parkinson’s patients have a deficiency of dopamine in their body. Typically, patients are put on medications that contain L-Dopa (the precursor to dopamine) to replenish the deficiency of dopamine. However, every conventional medication that contains L-Dopa is combined with Carbidopa. Carbidopa can cause significant side effects and do much damage to many systems of the body when taken long term. The side effects of Carbidopa can be tremendous and often are more severe than the symptoms of Parkinson’s itself. The side effects include uncontrolled muscle movements, worsening of Parkinson’s disease, severe nausea and vomiting, depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts. Since L-Dopa is the one ingredient that has a positive impact on Parkinson’s disease, often patient remain in Carbidopa even though the side effects can be so negative. The Hinz protocol can be an incredible solution for patients who need L-Dopa, but do not want the side effects of Carbidopa. The Hinz protocol uses a natural source of L-Dopa to reverse Parkinson’s symptoms but eliminates Carbidopa so that the body is then able to replenish dopamine without the consequences and side effects of the Carbidopa.

The Benefits of The Amino Acid Protocol

Each person is unique in how often they need to do follow up medical visits. In the beginning, follow up visits may be recommended more frequently until you achieve results.

Reversal of Tremor

Any type of tremor can make simple tasks become difficult. The Hinz Protocol can make the tremor lessen and lessen to the degree where there is no longer significant tremor or any tremor at all.

Easilier Ability to Walk

Coordination of taking steps can become easier so that walking becomes more fluid and less rigid. The shuffling gait and difficulties in initiating walking can become less pronounced.

Improved Speach

Speech can become more coherent and words can become easier to form. Slurred speech and salivation also improve.

Improved Energy

Fatigue is often present in Parkinson’s disease. Using the amino acids in the Hinz protocol, energy can improve so that more can be accomplished throughout the day.

Improved Balance

Balance improves so there is less risk of falling and more ability to move and participate in different activities.

Improved Motor Control

Motor function improves so that activities of daily living are easier to perform. Fine motor skills can improve, which can make the detail-oriented physical activities easier to accomplish.

Amino Acid Hybrid Protocol

The Amino Acid Hybrid protocol is a similar approach to the Amino Acid Protocol. However, this protocol utilizes a very low dose of conventional medication in combination with amino acids to improve the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.