About The Parkinson's Plan

We Love What We Do!

It is a pleasure for us to contribute to anyone’s health in a positive way! The Parkinson’s Plan was created because there is a dire need for integrative care for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. As one of the only naturopathic doctors specializing in Parkinson’s in the country, we are proud to have created one of the only holistic plans specific for this disease. There is no other program like ours and we are eager to help your progress to a more vibrant and healthier you!

We Treat The Individual

Each individual has a unique presentation of his/her disease. At the Parkinson’s Plan, we recognize that a one size fits all treatment plan DOES NOT work for everyone. To ensure the best results, we construct your entire treatment plan based on your specific needs!

Proactive and Responsive

At the Parkinson’s Plan, we find it an honor to build and maintain relationships with our patients. We are a hands-on Parkinson’s disease clinic in which patient care is collaborative, considerate, and effective. Creating health is a process. Once you are a patient, we want you to feel comfortable to reach out to us with any questions you have. We want to help you better understand your disease and treatment process.

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